• ARTISAN 1,5L ჩაიდანი 5KEK1522EOB
  • ARTISAN 1,5L ჩაიდანი 5KEK1522EOB
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ID 12720403 - 20/05/20 21:18

ARTISAN 1,5L ჩაიდანი 5KEK1522EOB

მიტანის წესები და პირობები
მიტანა თბილისში: უფასოდ
მიტანა რეგიონში: 8
მიტანა თბილისში: 01 ივნისი
მიტანა რეგიონში: 04 - 05 ივნისი
შეკვეთის განხორციელებამდე აუცილებლად დაგვიკავშირდით მარაგის გადამოწმების მიზნით!
პროდუქტის აღწერა

Smooth, rounded design with 1,5L capacity

Dual wall construction

Adjustable temperature, from 50°C to 100°C

Robust, stable anda easy to grip

Tea time has never been so easy!

Teas and infusions are not all the same. We know it. That's why with our KitchenAid Artisan 1,5L Kettle you can adjust the temperature from 50°C to 100°C to easily suit your needs and get the best out of your infusion or tea.


High quality, sleek style

Beautiful and modern design which enhances your kitchen bench with timeless elegance. Built for speed, this 1.5L Artisan Kettle quietly boils water in minutes.


Adjustable temperature, from 50°C to 100°C

Choose the right temperature for your preparations: hot for drinks, boiling for stocks


Dual wall construction

Better insulation keeps water hotter longer, reduces noise and is cooler to the touch


Smooth, rounded design with 1.5 L capacity

Boils large quantities of water; a stylish addition to any kitchen!


Temperature gauge

Check the temperature of the water, even when the kettle is off its base


In a choice of colours and with a curvaceous, inviting design, the Dual Wall 1. 5 L Kettle is also generous in features. Love tea ? Adjust the temperature range to suit your infusions: nicely warm for delicate green tea or hot for coarse Assam. The dual wall cavity keeps water hotter for longer and the kettle cooler to the touch. A pop of colour in the kitchen, the 1. 5 L Kettle is always ready for the next conversation. Included in the box: Removable limescale filter.



Commercial code5KEK1522BER


Fast boilingYes

Kettle capacity (L)1.5

Body materialStainless steel

Interior materialStainless steel

Boiling elementYes

Temperature range50°C-100°C

Limescale filterYes

360° rotating baseYes

Wattage (W)3000

Voltage (V)220-240

Frequency (Hz)50/60

Height of the product218

Width of the product263

Depth of the product210

Height of the packed product265

Depth of the packed product235

Width of the packed product270

Net weight (kg)2.15

Gross weight (kg)2.99

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